#4 – Doynick

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Doynick, along with his brothers Daynick and Rando, is a henchman of not-as-yet-introduced evil villain of Doodze. He is the middle-child of the three brothers, and is the fat and dumb one of the group.  He aspires to be a great Waizer (wizard-like Doodze) but is not very talented, so he’s pretty low-ranked and not considered very valuable among the enemy’s minions.  But because he sticks close to his wiser, more ambitious older brother Rando, he hasn’t gotten left behind or cast aside yet.

Note: I’m a day behind, so another fairly-quick sketch will have to do. Actually that’s probably what most of these will be, in order to catch up / keep up / get ahead.




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