#5 – Drahomir Alexej

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“I am not a bigot, as some would call me. I am simply privileged, and I see fit to do what I must so that I can continue to be privileged. If the underprivileged masses truly hated their position and mine so much, they would do something about it. And since they can’t, won’t, or simply do not, I will assume that the heavens look over my plans and smile.”

Drahomir is only a LITTLE twisted, really. He’s a means-to-an-ends kind of man, except that he sees no true END. He sees an infinite line of steps towards supremecy, and he takes his talents and his lineage as hard proof that he is correct. The man was raised as a noble of a small middle territory the subsisted mainly from farming. A valley that was fertile for hundreds of years grew barren when he was a child, and he took up Wizards studies under the guidance of the Summoner’s guild. He excelled constantly, under the righteous idea that he could find a way to make his family’s lands arable again. At some point after years of study and continual bad news form his father, he came to a conclusion that he was meant for much more important things. He convinced his family to sell out of their debts and move in with their extended nobility, and he set off with what was left of the family’s deeds to seek his rightful place of power and esteem. He came to the country of Scania, a smaller country edging the shaded sea, without as strong of a trading foothold as it’s neighbors. The royalty has other concerns, though.A Queen was attempting to retain hold of a throne with no male heir and daggers on all sides. He took opportunity to offer his lands as a peace offering if she would grant him resources to continue his magical work. She agreed, and though he continued to also request her hand in marriage, she was at least intelligent enough to continually ward off any suitors that might pull her from political power.

So he remained for years, researching new spells, learning new names of the Wylde Kin, and twisting the arcane to his will. When word reaches him of the rise of the Elementalists, he begins to make plans to research them as well, even become one. When he learns of a way to access the previously remote isle of Himmerd, he grows hungry for dominion over more than just Scania.

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