#5: Keith W. Cunningham vs Broccoli

| November 5, 2011 | 1 Comment

Keith W. Cunningham never liked broccoli. Hates the stuff. Now, in his old age, he is starting to feel his mortality. Wanting to be around a while for his grandchildren, he decides he must eat broccoli. This is easier said than done. He just can’t seem to get a bite into his mouth. Every day, he puts his broccoli on a plate, stares at it, stabs it with his fork, holds it up to his mouth, experiences an incredible wave of nausea, puts the broccoli down, and tries again tomorrow.

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  1. bravepigeon says:

    Bahaha, I love it. Then again, who doesn’t love a grumpy old man facing down his old food-based adversaries?

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