#5 – MorningStar by Beausephus

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CONCEPT: A vigilante who operates by night bringing the huge scythe-like blades attached to his gauntlets to the throats of supernatural creatures brought to life by various underworld and corporate organizations.



Truth be told, there’s really not much to the back story of Morning Star.  I’m not sure if I ever gave the character a name or identity beyond the visual design and the basic supernatural-hunting methodology.

Moon Knight has always been one of my favorite characters, the basic visual design of the character and his multi-layered back story was really engrossing.  Clearly this design owes a great deal to Moon Knight and, I believe, the Stephen Platt run on the series.

I also must have read the BATMAN: YEAR TWO trade paperback a thousand times or so at that time.  Again, the giant forearm blades are ripped right off of the design of that story’s “villain”, The Reaper.

Instead of fighting “street-level crime” I imagined MorningStar going up against supernatural-meet-scientific creations such as the “Pseudo-Vamps” and artificial zombie-like creatures.  Realistically, could he use such giant, deadly weapons against generic street thugs and still be considered a “hero”?

Also, in retrospect, the various grades of beige and grey don’t do much in terms of dynamic costume design or making a strong visual impact.  Still, I have a soft spot for the character and the odd color scheme.

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