#5 – Essver Dream-Singer – Warrior Poet

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Name: Essver Dream-Singer, of the People of the Sjurani, son of Minru, son of Daor the Terrible, warrior-poet of Harata II, Sjurani Rex, mated to the nǚgōngjué the Glorious Pielienhis (pe-le-en-hiss).

Stats: 8 feet, 700 lbs.

Capabilities: Physically fit, highly intelligent, well-connected, knowledge of galactic commerce, expertise in acquisition, negotiation and alien psychology, capable of speaking six commerce languages, two dozen well known language groups. Often pretends to be unable to speak in order to gather advantages in negotiations. Not afraid to cheat someone who does not know the real value in a deal. Always keeps his word once he gives it.

Description: Essver is a member of the Sjurani, a descendent of the ancient race of saurians who left Earth during the Cretaceous period. The Sjurani were genetically engineered by what is called the Ancient Enemy, housed inside of the core of the planet Earth. Unbeknownst to them, the alien was being hunted and sought to return to its home with intelligence about the races of the Milky Way. Discerning the alien’s intent, the Sjurani, after realizing their sentience and advancement was based on an invasion of their culture by this alien intelligence, left the planet and dropped an asteroid on the alien intelligence. Not sure of the creatures intent, but suspecting it was trying to leave the Earth, they destroyed all traces of their technology and any indication of their existence on Earth. Wandering the galaxy, they established several colonies in galactic space. Initially quite warlike, they slowly evolved into a more peaceful, but competitive species during their years away from Earth. In an unexpected twist, the Sjurani returned to Earth and rescued Humanity from the same intelligence millennia later.

The Sjurani enjoy their human cousins and collectively with the diverse species of Pan-humanity are called the Children of Earth. Essver is a Rex, a member of a larger warrior group of the Sjurani. The Rex are a matriarchal culture and as such are lead by their females who are larger, often smarter and certainly more dangerous than the males. Essver is fortunately mated to a larger and politically well-connected female who allows him to travel the galaxy working with the Resurrection Corps.

He is the only breeding male of his family unit and has over forty offspring in various ages of development. His mate keeps a bevy of lesser males who raise the children and maintain the family businesses. As the Rex, he is obligated to further the family’s fortunes with information that help the family businesses. Essver’s connections have allowed his family to become affiliated with a variety of alien species and business consortiums. He must periodically return to Harata II and engage in his conjugal duties, but otherwise avoids the tender mercies of his mate. Strangely enough, she has great affection for her Rex and allows him to engage in his travels both because he is quite effective at getting new business and because it pleases him to do so.

Essver is the consummate business-sentient and working with the Corva has given him incredible opportunities in the Imperium. Working with his friend Majoris Thomas Wilks has been both profitable and stimulating and he has great affection for the Majoris. As the Majoris’ handler he has had access to the finest military grade equipment and sources for over two decades. The recent turn in their fortunes has left him in a dour mood but he will recover because the Majoris has always been resourceful and adaptive.

Essver is exuberant and energetic as are many of the Sjurani, quick to anger and quick to laugh. Despite his job as a fixer, he is an accomplished warrior, having spent many years as a mercenary working to establish a fortune good enough to marry into a good family unit. He is not opposed to fighting to solve problems but his great size, strength, ferocity and overall reputation, prevent that from being necessary, as a rule. He and the Majoris met years ago on a campaign and have remained fast friends. Essver is a well-known writer and chronicler of the Majoris tales as a fictional character in a book series called Renegade Blade. The Majoris hated this until he received his first royalty check and now eagerly awaits his next exploit to appear in print.

Stories: Essver debuts in the novel Revenant: Resurrection due to appear June 2012. You can read a story of his adventures called The Gentle Art.

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