5# Mookie Bear

| November 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

Wassup everybody, I hope everybody is having fun in this 30 day character event because I know I am.  I use to watch Yogi Bear and he was crazy, always taking picnic basket  stuff. Well if I had my way, my bear cartoon show would be call Mookie Bear.  Mookie not only take your food but he’ll take your money, your car, your girl. Mookie will do bank robbery, drive by. Mookie is an street thug, he smoke and drink and he love to party. if I had time to redesign boo boo , Ill call him  sean sean.well wish everybody the best fun in this event. one…


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I'm from Chicago and I love to draw and read and draw. When I do my art I don't think too hard about I just do it. Art is fun.

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  1. Trey Jackson says:

    I would watch the shit out of that cartoon.

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