Day 5 – Tristan

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Tristan, who prefers being called Tristy by everyone except Max, is Max’s younger sister. (Max is the primary protagonist of my pet story Enigma). She’s 14 years old but doesn’t want to grow up just yet…partially because she’s jealous of all the attention that the baby of the family, Toby, receives, and she misses when she was in that position. Yet she resents when people (i.e. Max) talk down to her like she’s a child. Ah, puberty is a wonderful thing sometimes.


Tristan really likes dancing. She discovered it one day similar to how Max discovered musical instruments: she saw a picture of a couple dancing in a picture book hidden away in her parents’ storage shed. In a country where music, and subsequently dancing, are foreign (and most often forbidden) concepts, she was enraptured by this image. But she couldn’t seem to grasphow people danced. With no one to teach her and no real source of creative inspiration, she had to put it aside. Her eyes were opened when her brother and she got to leave their country and venture into other worlds where there were all kinds of dancing—and accompanied by music, everything seemedmagical. Whether Tristan actually has a magical gift for dancing on par with her brother’s gift for singing and playing instruments remains to be seen—but it’s not something she’s going to give up anytime soon.





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