G. Brett Williams #4 – The Faceless

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The Faceless are the alien race that invade Earth and are eventually repelled by Cyclone and his armies. It is revealed through study of the Faceless dead that they actually share much of the same DNA as humans and appear to be an evolved race of humans that left the planet and colonized space millenia before, thus making the Earth much older than previously believed. The Faceless have the most in common with Evos possessed of telekinetic or telepathic abilities and it is this fact that gives rise to widespread human distrust and Cyclone’s campaign of hate against psychics in the wake of the Faceless war.

The Faceless have staggeringly strong psychic abilities and it is theorized that they eventually evolved their complete lack of eyes or mouths because they no longer needed them to communicate or perceive their environment. The true extent of the Faceless’ abilities isn’t known, but their ability to completely dominate weaker, less-evolved minds is quite strong.

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