#6 Gabriel Hearstfeld – Crusader

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The Angels first came on Christmas. I watched them descend on pillars of heavenly light. They were the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen. And I called out to everyone to come see the wonder and glory of them, but no one came. Nobody would answer my call, for they were all too busy and wrapped up in their mundane affairs.

My own children pushed me aside, ignoring the divine presence before them in favor of their temporal pleasure.

I knelt before the angels and I prayed. I prayed for many days and nights, sustained by nothing more than their presence. And the Angels answered my prayers.

They said that I must carry salvation out to the masses, because they would not hear it for themselves. They armed me against the opposition I would face, for there are many agents of the Evil One that will stop at nothing to prevent the Holy Message from being heard. They provided me with a sword which could pierce any armor and a shield that would never break or bend. The Angels promised as long as my faith held, that my mission would succeed.

The Great Work was long and difficult. The servants of the Evil One were clever and devious. They took on the form of those familiar to me, attempting to discourage me with pleas and begging. But their tricks were weak, and my arm never faltered. I left them lying on the ground.

Nothing would impede my Holy Quest to carry forth the message of the Lord’s Angels, no matter how many had to fall before me.


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