#7: Shawn McGreggor

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Name: Shawn McGreggor
Age: 17
Likes: Parties, music to party to, having a good time with friends, parties, and the items found at parties (heh, heh)
Dislikes: Parents who bust up parties, cancelled parties, weekends with no parties

Character info: Shawn is a secondary character who will first show up in “Simon Says” #5. I just recently did a rewrite to the script and this character initially wasn’t in it. However, I took a few lines from other characters, borrowed the basic look and personality from a character from a story I wrote when I was a teenager, and Shawn McGreggor was born. It also helps that Shawn is loosely based on three different guys I knew when I was growing up. Since Simon Says #5 and #6 will be started soon by the artists, I had to whip up a sketch of what this character will look like. He’s THE party guy in Eastlake; he knows about all the parties and is invited to all the parties, regardless of who is throwing them. He always knows his way around. He’s the guy you knew in school that was waiting for the big blast to hit on Friday or Saturday night and knew how to score something for it. What you see is what you get with that sketch above, haha. For more info on Simon Says, check out preview pages for issue 1 here.

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