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Fierce and cunning leader of the lost tribe of Hana-Fiord. He is an expert with many weapons but relies mainly on his battle axe “The Meat Slicer”! 

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  1. Listerart says:

    Green Bay fan…?

    • Ken Bonin says:

      lol You caught that. Actually no, Patriots fan, but we won’t get into that now. I forgot about the Packers coach. It really refers to a friend of mine who works in the deli at a supermarket. By the way, I love your stuff!

  2. Listerart says:

    That’s okay, I’m a Rams fan; they’re absolutely driving me to drink this season. 🙂 Thanks for the art love — I dig your inks. Hard to tell from your scan, but is that brush inking or marker?

  3. Ken Bonin says:

    I love to use a Pentel pocket brush pen.

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