#5 Kevin Keeling

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Day 5:  Kevin Keeling

Project:  Something for a friend, actually.


An art school student, Kevin Keeling studies in the fashion department.  He struggles with his own homosexuality and his personal need to distance himself from gay stereotypes, often condemning other gays for being “too gay.”  Kevin is a bit of a loner, very focused on his work and seldom makes time to hang out with his friends or meet new people, but his designs suggest that he is a romantic at heart.


This character is not one I plan on using myself.  I invented him for a friend who is starting up a character/relationship-focused project about art school students and asked me to create a character, and I thought it would be a good impetus to help me catch up on the 30 Characters challenge.  As such, I’ve kept the character bio light on the details, to make sure he’s flexible to whatever he needs to use him for.


In any case, enjoy!


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Hey folks! My name is Drew Green and I'm an Atlanta-based comic artist/illustrator. I'm responsible for the webcomic "The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston," which can be found at http://supergayadventures.com and is all-ages (I promise). You may have also seen my work in Udon's "Mega Man Tribute" art book, as well as "The Pepper Project" art book. I'm super excited to do this 30 Characters challenge! Sounds like a lot of fun. ~Drew

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