#9 Carlyle

| November 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

carlyle is a myche, and was created as a bit of a throwaway background character on a project i'm doing for sokki. but since he was created today, he gets to be one of the 30.

carlyle is stationed on Contura, where he engages in observational data gathering on conturians and their social structure visa vi casual food consumption. in other words, his job is to hang out in alien resturaunts and watch what goes on.

lately he’s been having horrid luck, and his server just keeps dropping his coffee before it gets to him. he’s a bit fed up with that.

he may or may not also be hatched from the same clutch of eggs as sartre.

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I draw comics and art for pennies. It'd be cool if did this for a real job, cause it's been my dream for a while now.

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  1. He looks absolutely frustrated with whatever he’s seeing. Very adorable.

    • not-fun says:

      imagine a vulcan who’s perpetually frustrated with how ignorant everyone is…that’s a myche. so yes, he’s grumpy alright. maybe someone scrambled his eggs instead of bringing them sunnyside up…

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