#12 – Antonio the pizza making elf

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#12 – Antonio the pizza making elf

A little known fact about the North Pole is that it has its own pizzeria. You see, Santa is a big fan of the pizza pie and has enjoyed the fact that people have been leaving him slices on Christmas Eve instead of cookies. A guy can only eat so many cookies in one night before wanting to throw up, so pizza was a refreshing change.

On the other days of the year, Santa would occasionally visit The North Pole Pizzeria to get his pizza fix. Antonio is the head chef and has been making the finest pizza for hundreds of years. Antonio’s family broke off from the cookie making elves group in the late 1700’s, migrating to the North Pole in the hopes of making finely carved wooden toys that were so popular in Italy. It didn’t take long before they realized that toy making wasn’t for them, so they sought out another avenue to express their creativity.

Soon a small eatery was opened and that slowly morphed into the North Pole Pizzeria. Pizza has been all the rage in the North Pole for years. Try to guess the elves favorite toppings.

I drew this picture trying to replicate the style of one of my favorite artists, Mark Mariano. I’ve got a long way to go.

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