#3 Baron Von Schtyk

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A shady character, apparently having a distinguished look about him, with an air of mystery, and high class, the Baron is not someone to mess with. Sought after for a multitude of unsolved crimes of global caliber, and other reasons not to be mentioned, numerous crime fighting agencies, as well as crime syndicates, have failed in their search. He is one difficult person to find. From the little information we have, he lives a life of seclusion, far away from the beaten path, or does he hide in plain sight?. His name, or at least the one we have so far, has been associated with war crimes, as well as critical global situations. Not even the most infamous villains in history know much at all about him. This one semblance we have has been reconstructed from deathbed descriptions from the few that have had the unfortunate fate of meeting him in person. It is said that all of today’s global crisis situations can be linked to him in one way or another, though no one has direct proof. He’s so nefarious that evil doers everywhere fear even the mention of his name. He appears to be of European descent, though no one alive can confirm this fact. If you think you’ve seen him, you’re probably wrong, though I wouldn’t go around talking about it. He does look stylish, though, doesn’t he?

(Drawn on an iPod Touch with Sketchbook Mobile and a Pogo Sketch stylus, hiding in an airplane lavatory, at considerable risk to my life).







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