#11 – Jasmine

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Jasmine is a well-known member of The Collections Agency. The collections group is a multi-city organization which works in agreement with the local governments to collect wanted individuals. These are not criminals, per say. To be criminals, they would have to be accused of a crime. In these cases, they are indivduals who owe others a debt. In many cases, this has to do with the conflicting feudal and merchant societies throughout the regions surrounding the inland sea. Feudal lords might lay claim to an individual who skipped off form their lands with belongings the Lord believes are theirs. Or it might be a skilled tradesman who never finished repaying his guild dues. In some cases it might be an errant husband a wife suspects of adultery and wishes collections to catch and present evidence to support a legal divorce (or simply forcing the bum to accept his fatherly responsibilities).

The Collections have two very specific rules: 1. They do not go after people who are violent. It endangers their agents and is better left to to law enforcement authorities. 2. There must be proof presented of a debt, ownership, etc. The rest of hte rules are a little more complex, and involving proving a debt, what is acceptable for the debt, etc. But we are talking about a system where people can still be bought and sold (ie. slavery in many various forms, including self-accepted indentured servitude). And more importantly, a system where mass-machinery does not exist, and a person’s skills, knowledge, talent, and personhood can be a very desirable asset.

Jasmine has been an gent for almost ten years, and in that time, she has brought in many people and pieces of property, and is most noted for having absolutely no fear of Wizards. In fact, Wizards are known to recognize her on site. And run. She doesn’t play ‘fair’ with them and has a very devices and tricks of her own, despite having no talent for The Word itself. She’s an excellent swordsman (woman) and has a sweet diplomacy about her that has aided her many times across a number of countries. She is also well known for having one of hte broadest cultural knowledges amongst the organization, being an ex-gypsy herself. Her father disowned her when he found out she was working for an organization working with the government, until she insisted on returnin home each year with a new exotic (expensive) liquor to add to his collection. It only took a few good bottles of Kirche and a night of drinking for him to embrace her again.

Jasmine and her partner are given the task of bringing in Leandra. A task she accepts gleefully (because Leandra has a high price on her head), but soon sees might be more complicated than it’s worth. But after several run ins, and finally pinning Leandra down long enough to speak with her, Jasmine has the opportunity to offer Leandra a few ways out of the situation Leandra would never have thought of for herself. (And Jasmine still profits!)

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