#13 Luci Ferrell

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Luci Ferrell is beautiful, seductive, capable of making men–and women–stop in their tracks….

…. And she’s also the Devil.  No, really.

The Devil, you see, is really a woman, or rather is a female persona.  Luci is just one of her avatars (the Devil is a sentient power that is beyond the puny mental abilities of humans to understand and “lives” in several planes of existence…yep, it sounds bizarre, but hey, what are you going to do?).  This one is always tracking Neil Brunner as he carries out his duties as a catcher of rouge souls, always trying to seduce him no matter how many times Neil refuses her.  She also deals with the head of the Sigma Agency, the organization that deals with issues between heaven and hell.


Category: 2011, Fantasy, Horror, Manga

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Hello everyone, I'm Marc McKenzie, and this is my second year taking part in of this challenge. I've been a freelancer for the past few years, working in animation and creating commissioned work for clients including the New York Times. There have been ups and downs, but...that's life. Honestly, though, I enjoyed taking part in the challenge last year, and I hope to do my best this year...but I hope that everyone does their best and has fun! Ironically, I never really set out to do art at first. I studied something completely different in college and it was only because of an art teacher that I changed gears. Currently I'm living in Hillsborough, New Jersey, working on commissions, trying to find full-time work, and being a doting uncle to my niece.

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