#13 – Professor Jenna Spenser

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Professor Jenna Spenser is a world-renowned geologist and geophysicist who works out of Sallicen College in Freestone City. She has traveled to all the most remote and deadly parts of the world in search of new geological discoveries, rappelling down the sheer faces of the greatest mountains in the world, crawling through the freezing waters of great and uncharted caverns. She has worked with government and business and academia to rewrite our understanding of the Earth and how it works.

Recently, she was called in by the mayor of Freestone to investigate an unusual occurrence: a great sinkhole had opened up in the middle of downtown, swallowing an entire intersection. There was no bottom in sight, and no one knew why or how it had happened. Their only hope was that professor Spenser and her team could figure out what it was and let them know if there was any further danger.

What they found, however, was more than anyone in Freestone expected…

Read more in her story, The Hole

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