08 – Princess Rosaline

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Princess Rosaline is the current leader of the tiny central european principality of Rosatia nestled in a particularly unusual valley high in the Alps.  Rosatiais unusual in several respects – for one the mountain formations around it act as a breakwater for rain clouds, so while it never rains in Rosatia itself, the rain that lands on the hills around it keeps it green.  It is perhaps however, more notable for Rosinium – a bizarrely unique element named after the country  – 99.7% of the entire world’s supply is found in Rosatia, and it defines alot of the country.  It is found in the form of large pink crystals, and can be reduced down to its pure form it can be combined with metals to produce alloys of unmatched strength, flexibility and lightness.  It also has a strong hue to it - it is bright pink in metallic form, and its presence in Rosatia has caused the the rocks to be pale pink, the flowers to all be pink, and feeding on them, the world’s largest managed heard of Unicorns to also be slightly pink.

 The royal family of Rosatia is notable for their use of their Rosinium alloy armour and their great training allowing them to defend the nation from those who would come to steal the Rosinium, resulting in the current princess being considered one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet – and charging down enemies atop her similarly armoured unicorn has been the last sight many villains have seen.  The heart motif seen on the armour isn’t a heart at all, but a representative of the endemic Rosinium Thrift – the national flower.

This is an idea I started ages ago but never got round to putting together – try to put together a gritty version of a pink princess who rides a pink unicorn.  I seem to have reached this summary by shamelessly ripping off a lot of the backstory of Marvels “Black Panther” and twisting them to my own ends to explain not only why there would be a pink armoured princess, but how to make her be at least vaguely plausible in the real world.  If I wasn’t behind on my characters already I’d have rendered up her battle unicorn a bit more…

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