#11 Ranger of Saturn

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In the wild rings of Saturn, he is the only law!  Tasked with patrolling a large section of the Cyclopean rings of Saturn (barely one-hundredth of it’s circumference), the Ranger navigates the frozen, rocky expanse with a fantastic electrostatic propulsion apparatus, and fights pirates and other ne’er-do-wells with his particle-accelerator gun, capable of incapacitating electronic systems at it’s lowest setting, but also of melting through the toughest bulkheads at it’s highest.

The ranger also has an array of genetic modifications and a suite of cybernetic augmentations, all meant to optimize his performance in zero-gravity and minimize his nutrient and oxygen consumption. He is fully adapted to orbital life, and only requires to touch down on one of the satellite refuelling stations every few weeks, thanks to potent resource recycling systems.

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