#15 – Halfway Hal

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#15 – Halfway Hal

In celebration of being halfway through the 30 Characters challenge, my submission is Halfway Hal.

Hal likes to think of himself as a superhero, in fact, he actually has the ability to create a hole into another dimension and reach through to another point in his vicinity. This allows him to reach through objects or grab things from high places without straining. Unfortunately, Hal can never put more than half his body through the hole at any one time, which limits him a bit when fighting the forces of evil.

There are no easy escapes when he is trapped by villains and the “punch a guy from behind” trick usually only works once before evil doers start looking for it. So for now he looks for the petty crooks that might be on the run from the cops, allowing him to shift his foot in front of them and trip them up.

Hal hopes to one day join a super team, but sits patiently by the phone waiting for them to call.

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