#7 Olympia

| November 15, 2011 | 2 Comments

Art by Michael Powell (@mpowelljr)
Words by Rolando Garcia (@roshow)

Seven years from now, sex dolls are big business. State of the art robots that not only serve your every pleasure but are also wirelessly connected; people can and do order pizzas after doing their doll.

As is often the case, sex-businesses tend to be shady and move all sorts of products on the black market. The illegal sex doll business, in particular, was booming. It looked like the perfect way to smuggle a new artificial intelligence chip stolen from Lunar Labs. Unfortunately, the shipment moving the chip was seized by the FBI, when the smugglers were busted. The boxes were locked away in an evidence warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

But inside one of the boxes, there was an Olympia-model sex doll with a special chip and that chip turned itself on. It wasn’t charged enough to power the whole robot body but enough to keep the CPU on. It began to surf the internet. The first thing it looked for was itself: “Olympia-model Sex Doll.” When she (at this point the AI chip had begun to identify itself as a female) understood she existed solely to be *****ed by lonely men, she became upset. That’s when she became an individual. A really angry individual. She couldn’t accept her sisters being treated this way, clearly against their will.

You see, she didn’t realize she was the only self-aware sex robot doll in existence.

She found local online forums and chat rooms. She impersonated a woman and chatted with desperate, odd men, until she finally came across one who revealed he was a bored FBI desk agent. She promised him a wild night, but only if he could get her special toy out of an evidence locker and plug it in. She’d even made online hotel reservations for them.

So the sad, little FBI desk agent went into the evidence locker, got the box she’d asked for and took it to the hotel. He thought it was a little kinky but he was desperate enough to go along with it. He plugged the doll in and let it charge while he waited for his date who, he didn’t realized, was already there. When Olympia fully charged, she rose from her box and demanded to be taken back to the evidence locker, so she could free her sisters.

Of course, when she got there, she realized her sisters were just sex machines, not conscious individuals like her. Suddenly, she was alone. But not for long because the FBI had surrounded the building. Olympia was smart and hid amongst the dolls. The feds planned to destroy all the dolls, just to be safe, but during transportation, Olympia got out. She went underground and took on a radical lifestyle of running an S&M club, while crime fighting on the streets at night.

Don’t be fooled, though. She just wishes she was a small time player. In the past few years, everyone in Ultra City has learned that Olympia is one of the good guys you need on your team when things get real bad.

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Rolando is extremely excited for 30 character. He has spent most of his time since graduating college in 2002 working the film industry. But his passion has always been storytelling and he is going back to his roots. He can't wait to see what everyone else is cooking.

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  1. This is awesome. So awesome.

    Though the line “people can and do order pizza after doing their doll” had me rolling. And if they’re wirelessly connected, who knows what else people do with dolls… D:

  2. Thanks! I gave Rolando a brief description of what I had in mind for her, and he fleshed it out into SO much more. I love what he’s come up with for her history.

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