18 – Rod Serling – Illusionist

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Mr. Serling struck me as an Illusionist from the very first time I saw the show he is known best for, The Twilight Zone. As a class, Illusionists specialize in manipulating the perceptions of people – basically, lying to people with magic. The most powerful Illusionists can create unbreakable visions that can transport people to another world. And this is basically what Rod Serling did. With a few words, a single script, he could transport you to a world where the sun never rises, where living slot machines stalk their victims, or where a child’s wish can change your fate.

This was one of the harder designs I’ve done this month, for a number of reasons. Firstly, Ol’ Rod’s design is pretty much set in stone. That black suit, his cigarette, that cocked eyebrow, they’re all a big part of Mr. Serling’s character. Unfortunately, they’re not particularly well-suited to a fantasy design, and the fact that the Illusionist is a very poorly-defined class (visually speaking) helps not at all.

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