#10 “Upstairs Bigfoot”

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Tall, silent, & elusive.

Much like the sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest, the Upstairs Bigfoot lives in the apartment above our protagonist. For a while, he was thought to only be a legend. The only evidence of his existence would be a slow, lumbering footstep & a waft of faint skunky odor. But Upstairs Bigfoot is real, very real. And though, very quiet, very wise.

Word has it, he used to be a star college athlete until a devastating injury cut his career short. The problem is, no one knows his actual name in order to confirm if this is true or not.


I have lofty ideas of doing a comedy strip thing. This is the only solid character idea I have for it so far. The idea came from when I was living at an old apartment, & these stoners would knock on my door at all hours & forget that the apartment they were really looking for was the one upstairs above me (how you forget a flight of stairs…?). It was my guess the guy above me must’ve been their… you know… connection, though I never saw the guy. This comes from that. In the context of the story, the protagonist isn’t so much interested in what it is “Upstairs Bigfoot” is selling, so much as just curious as to his existence, as if he was some sort of cryptozoologic wonder. I also think that while “Upstairs Bigfoot” is essentially mute, he’s one of those characters where people complain about their lives to him, & somehow, in his silence, he somehow helps them come upon an epiphany that solves their problems. And yes, he wears Reebok pumps, but keeps his stock in an old LA Gear box. A women’s LA Gear box.

Oh & I realize I might be dipping too much in the one well, but not at all related to that other guy I did earlier that hunts Sasquatches. This guy isn’t an actual bigfoot, just referred to as such in a nickname capacity.

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