#22 High Chieftain Andragga, Son of Drugoth!

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Ten years ago a crazed (axe wielding) European noble was exiled to Japan by an aristocratic court for a crime he didn’t commit. This noble promptly escaped from a maximum security mansion and took control of Japan. Today, still wanted by his noble peers, he survives by conquering the living hell out of nearby countries like China. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you want your country pillaged, maybe you can hire… High Chieftain Andragga.

While not too keen on his new home, he has taken full advantage of their advanced weapons research for his wider campaign against his old friends in Europe. Atop his mostly-loyal giant cat steed, Jones he is a terrifying sight on the battlefield.

(…and that makes 8 in the ‘Extremely cute (and very evil) dictators of a fractured future Earth’ Series.)

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