#22 Subject 28910

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DOB: 15 March 1993

GENDER: Female

RACE: Sub-Saharan black; Irish; English; French; German CLASSIFIED DATA SECURITY LEVEL 2 OR HIGHER NEEDED


POWER CLASS TITLE: Manipulation – internal


  • Grade A Density-Shifting
  • Grade B Psionic Block
  • Grade A Invisibility
  • Grade C Durability

CURRENT HEALTH (PHYSICAL): Green (No immediate health concerns noted)

CURRENT HEALTH (MENTAL): Yellow (subject remains reticent during weekly group sessions and bi-weekly private sessions; not likely to be a danger to self or others)

OBSERVATIONAL NOTES: Subject 28910 (henceforth referred to as ‘Hiero’) PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS SUCH AS NAMES AND NICKNAMES ARE NOT PERMITTED FOR SUBJECTS AND ARE DISCOURAGED AMONG RESEARCH STAFF has performed exceptionally well in the physical training exercises. Completion of timed mazes are well above the average of her power class. Only Power Class which performs more quickly is the so-called “Red Bull” Class. SECONDARY SUB-CLASS TITLES DISCOURAGED AMONG STAFF ALSO WHAT IS ‘RED BULL’? Psionic blocks are well-within normal range for her class. Can block psychic penetration and obscure presence to the point that they cannot detect that she is present when utilizing ESP alone. Block is complete. Does not allow one mind in while keeping others out. Reconnaissance is recommended. Invisibility is above sub-class standards. Can render oneself completely invisible to naked eye. Can still be detected using heat detection and infra-red. Durability meets sub-class standards. Has difficulty maintaining Mohs Scale Hardness of 10 for more than 15 minutes. Duration is increasing steadily.

Personal interaction is low. Does not play well with others. Integration on teams is poor. Best performances are in solo tasks, but Power Class is more conducive to team membership.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Increase group rotation cycles and find a team she works well with. Work on durability and assign to reconnaissance specialization.

STATUS: < 50% chance of being CULLED

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