#22 – Kavikeen/Kevin Keene

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Kavikeen is the mysterious hermit who lives in a cave deep inside the Crovan Forest.  Princess Catherine gets lost in the woods one day and accidentally meets him, seeking shelter in his cave when it starts pouring rain.  He appears to be a kind old man who still knows and practices the ancient lost art of magic which he offers to teach to her.  He likes her bravery and intelligence, so he says, and wants to make sure someone knows the magic secrets before he dies and it gets lost forever. He is an old man, with all the traditional looks of a kindly old wizard – long white beard, white hair, long robe, etc.

Kevin Keene is the bookstore owner who suggests the book about the Lost Kingdom of Acmara to Kathrina.  Once Catherine has switched places she meets Kevin Keene in the library and she asks him about a book on a paper she has to write.  They get to know each other and he reminds her of Kavikeen.  He introduces her to the new world once he discovers that she switched places with Kathrina and he says he wants to know more about Acmara.  Unlike his alter ego, Kevin is younger – about thirty – and has wavy white-blond hair and glasses.  He’s not traditionally handsome, but he’s got a strange sort of appeal to him and Catherine thinks she could love him.

Of course he betrays her before that happens.  Turns out he’s a total bastard who’s only goal is to destroy the land of Acmara in order to fulfill an ancient prophesy/curse he placed on the kingdom centuries before.  He is the physical form of an ancient water demon that has lived deep in the earth, beneath the mountains of Crovan forest since the dawn of time. He plans to sink the whole kingdom and drag it back beneath the waves, into his domain.  In order to achieve this he needs a massive amount of energy and a crack in time.  Switching the girls created the crack that continues to grow and as it grows it absorbs elemental energy until it will eventually have enough energy that he can use it to sink the island.

He’s a very cunning and deceptive villain, appearing to be nice and kind and sweet and harmless while manipulating everything to work out according to his plans.  He’s patiently waited for this day when worlds collide and everything he’s wanted comes to him completely.

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