G. Brett Williams #24 – Miranda Gray

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Miranda Gray is a community organizer in the town of Gateway City.  Before she became an activist and advocate for the poor and disenfranchised in her community, Miranda was a nurse in the smaller town that bordered the Amish community in which Sarah was born.  She was actually present at Sarah’s birth as she was one of the nurses assigned to the ER that night.  Miranda is friends with Sarah’s brother Zach and is aware of the fact that Zach is helping his sister escape the Amish community.  She pledges to help in any way that she can, but she doesn’t know that this girl is the same girl who she helped deliver seventeen years before.

Miranda is a strong, kind woman who campaigns on behalf of anyone she believes suffers under the yoke of economic inequality or feigned moral superiority.  She works a great deal with LGBT organizations throughout Gateway City, which is how she knows Zach.  She becomes a sort of hybrid of Leslie Thompkins and Commissioner Gordon for Sarah.

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