#23 Victoria

| November 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

Victoria, the girl who ran away and learned to fly…


Victoria is a runaway fairy who grew tired of the strict traditions of her kind. Given beautiful wings from birth, they are encouraged not to use them for flight. Some say its because of the delicate nature of the wings themselves, but Victoria believes it is a way to prevent curious exploration and keep the the knowledge and boundaries of their kingdom limited. Victoria ends up running away and discovered the land of the crows where she accumulated the habits of flight and hunting. Her fairy past slowly departs from her soul…yet she is satisfied and determined to leave it all behind.


Note* The phrase , “Victoria the girl who ran away and learned to fly” came to me in a dream and it was actually the name of a clothing brand that appeared. Ive had this phrase in my mind for a while and I’ve always imagined her to be a rebellious girl. I thought taking it in the direction of a dark fairy would be interesting to show a bit of a contrast of characters. I really enjoyed this piece….again…a little more loose and designy than my usual stuff…but happy how it turned out!

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy

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  1. Batmankm says:

    Exquisite! So wonderfully rendered. Love this piece.

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