#27 Corey Calihan

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Corey is the oldest Calihan Brother. He’s worked hard and has done well for himself. He means well but often gives Jace and Rex a hard time with his false interest in their “Karate” School (which makes Rex batty because they don’t teach “Karate”) He’s not a bad guy but he’s passive aggressive and frustrates his younger brothers to no end… he knows nothing about the business of running a martial arts school but often offers unsolicited advice on how to do it. What makes Corey the most frustrating though is that he is a good man and he loves his family and can be very generous, they’d just all be happier if he didn’t always have the last word.

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Jesse Kiefer at your service. I am a full time elementary art teacher in Nebraska. I teach grades K-5 for 2 schools. In my free time I'm a martial arts instructor, and I try to update a webcomic at http://www.tankmonkeycomic.com. You can find me on twitter @jessekiefer and on Faceboook http://www.facebook.com/vorpalarrow

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