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CHARACTER NAME:   Flashpoint


CONCEPT:  After discovering an ability to turn light energy in heat energy, Flashpoint is severely burned but dedicates himself to improving himself and mastering his abilities.  He becomes a member of a superhuman Military task force and finds the methodology to use his powers for the good of all… by putting on a costume that hides his hideously deformed face and downplays the severe damage his abilities are capable of.  He uses the reflective surface of his knives to focus his abilities making his trademark, knives blazing with fire.


The original design of the Flashpoint character featured all the colors above but the “chainmail” armor was essentially a full on shirt of scales, with bright orange tatter tied to the limbs with matching yellow gloves and boots.  The character also featured the exact same mask as above.  While the backstory remains almost the same, I’m pretty sure I made him disfigured so that I would not have to draw a face, it being easier for my sixth grade self to draw full face masks.   The orignal design also featured a bandolier of knives.

So I tried to stay true to the basic orignal design of the character, and given that this post was a bit rushed, I only altered a few design aspects.  I got rid fo the tattered ribbon as a character who uses fire might not want flammable materials whipping about in the wind all around him.  Instead of full on knives I made him some stylized throwing knives.

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