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Though growing increasingly more & more obsolete as time goes on, TheBinMan.EXE is a good tool to have. A limited edition construct developed by German Digital Artist & Programmer M3nsch3nfr3ss3r, the first 500 downloads received BinMan as freeware.

BinMan is programmed to remember every bit of data that comes across your machine, especially the data you trash, & act as a quick index to it. He does this securely, only granting you the ability to recall it. The data somehow incorporates itself up into BinMan’s programming without ever actually taking up more storage space than the BinMan.EXE’s standard thirteen gigs. In that regard, BinMan is among one of the first “thinking” AI constructs with its own progressive memory evolution.

The only downside is that he’s absolutely horrifying to look at it. That’s becausenM3nsch3nfr3ss3r, a fan of body horror films & industrial music based the look of BinMan off the idea of discarded items & their anachronistic need. That’s why there are elements of late model combustion engines & spoiled stem cell biomass making his head.


Just wanted to go off on a little twisted tangent. Originally, I started this without a plan thinking I would turn it into some generic video game baddie, like a licker from Resident Evil. But the more & more I messed with it, I thought about what a weird contrast it’d be to put him in a suit & tie. Then I thought that’d be a pretty cool idea for a digital avatar, eventually bringing me to daemon construct program. Spent too much time on the head so really rushed the body just to be done on it. Another one I wish I could spend time on, making sure it got the attention it deserved.

In other news, hey, I listen to podcasts a lot & I found it weird that of the about ten or so I listen to, almost everyone got going onto a conversation about the singularity recently. And mostly, those were comedy podcasts. Guys, what the hell? Creepy. I think that might’ve influenced where I went with this guy ultimately.

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