#25 Jasper

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Jasper was nothing if not righteous.  How could he be anything but, having forsaken not just the things an everyday monk would be required of, but also forsaking the blind ignorant bliss that most modern man hid behind?  No, he was righteous to the bone, looking, truly looking at the world as it still stood, with its dangers and pitfalls around every corner.

Its heathens, given over more and more into the hands of evil, walking blindly and willfully right into hell.  He was fighting a losing battle, of that he was certain, but he would fight it nonetheless.  Because it was right, because when he died he wished to be able to look his maker in the eye and tell him that, yes, he had fought with every ounce of his being against the darkest foe.

And if that fighting had resulted in death, the Holy Father would understand.  He had killed little more than evil, pure and simple, releasing the souls of those touched by dark powers so that his Lord may chose their fate.  And if that battle had involved the use of powers, these were sanctioned powers, made holy by the See he answered to.  And if those battles ended with an increase in Jasper’s powers, well, it was only right that he should be able to absorb as much of the transgressor in question, that the evil they had participated in should be purified in the use of holy actions.

Jasper had no doubt that he did right, not even when the witches he dispatched begged him for mercy.  Mercy was the Lord’s to give, and not any of Jasper’s concern.  The only vice  Jasper knew he had to be wary of was that of pride.  But as he did the good Lord’s work, he did not doubt that he was righteous.

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