#28 – Donut Dan

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#28 – Donut Dan

Considered to be holy in some cultures, Donut Dan lives his life in constant fear that someone would consider him sacridelicious. His focus in life is to help people understand that there’s more to the world than eating tasty fried dough with a frosting top.

Honestly though, I can say that I’ve realized two things this week. The first is that I’ve run out of ideas and I’m truly scraping the bottom of the creativity barrel. The second is that I have issues with food, which you may have realized in my many posts. If I had a chance to consume a dozen Krispy Kremes right now, I would likely be comatose on the couch instead of typing these words.

Hopefully everyone out there doesn’t have the same issues I do, and have instead learned to accept food in a productive way.

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