Elizabeth d’ Fiero

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Politically Inclined Victorian Belle

Belle-wether of the Ball

Elizabeth d’ Fiero has been the celebrity darling since her appearance with the Duke of L’angiers at the Royal Wedding.  She is sought after for her keen observations of the elite.

“You see, darling, all that needs to happen for the people of the realm to allow atrocities to occur right before their noses is to turn it into a show!  A wonderful, beautiful comedy of errs will make the bad medicine of reduced concern for honest policy go down like a warm drink.”

Blending her usage of shaming terminology with unpopular terms for other demographics, the Countess is open in her opinions of the way which power really affects the course of history.

“It’s all true, of course.  The bread and circus meant to keep the little people busy.  The folksy backwater types who prattle on about conspiracies not being ‘real’ enough, simply do not have any grasp on the depths of apathy which people like, well, like me, darling, have for the people like them.”

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Steampunk

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