#27 “Gold Dust” Serena Powell

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Universe/Storyline: Quick and Gold Dust

Height: 5’ 3”

Body Type: Flat chest, stubby fingers, but otherwise your average teenage girl.

Hair: Deep, dark black. The kind of black you only get with dye. It sweeps across her forehead in angry bangs, and flies out from behind her head.

Eyes: Hazel. Always turned down critically, giving her the “angry teen” look.

Race: White

Age: 10th grader

Attire: Mostly dark colors. Long sleeves and long pants. Likes gray jeans. Wears a gold locket under her shirt. Likes boots and Converse All-Stars.

Powers: Serena herself has no powers, but whenever Quick opens the Golden Book, she instantly becomes the Golden Guardian. As the Golden Guardian, Serena is made completely out of shiny gold dust. She can change shape, generate light (later, enough to blind or burn), teleport (move at the speed of light), phase through walls, or make certain objects lighter than air. She can also touch people and make them happy, specifically if those people have been darkened by Lead Shadows. All of these powers come to her with time, as Quick reads more of the Golden Book.

Personality: Serena is as tough as nails, at times even mean. She has few friends, and no siblings. She is very smart, and enjoys exchanging trivia with Quick. Her friendship with Quick has really helped her to open up as a person. Before she was something of a bully, but now she enjoys helping people. Bullying was her way of defending herself from similar torments that she endured when she was younger. She hates her name because it makes her sound like a popular girl.


Role in the story: As Golden Guardian, Serena automatically teleports to Quick’s side whenever he opens the Golden Book. She uses her powers to fight off Lead Shadows who want to close the Golden Book, or kill Quick, its Reader. As her alter-ego, Serena, she is a high school girl searching for her place in the grand scheme of ‘normal life’. Quick is pretty much her only friend at the beginning of the story.


Her goal is to go with Quick to find the source of the Lead Shadows and stop them from being created/released upon the world.

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