#25 – Priya Chopra

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The Pleiatic Seers are a group of the seven most powerful and pure oracles in the world.  Once every thousand years seven seers are chosen to be part of the creation of a set of prophesies for the next one thousand years. The gathering is called the Prophesy of the Whole and is held on the summer solstice.  The ruling constellation of the ceremony is the Pleiades for mythological reasons (the original seers were the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, hence the name Pleiatic Seers.)  The event is signaled by the birth of a child that contains all seven of the oracle powers – Sight, Touch, Smell, Head, Heart, Spirit-Light, and Blood, who is known as the Pleiona (the mother of the Pleiades in the myth) who is in charge of choosing and gathering all the seers together.  It can take years to find the right ones and then wait for the ages to align corrects – each seer must be a virgin woman between the ages of 7 and 49 (7 years apart each), with a single, specific, and powerful oracle ability.

The Chopra Sorcerer Clan of Delhi has been marrying the men off to seers for generations in the hopes that one of the descendants would be a Pleiatic seer.  Any girl in the last two generations who seemed a likely candidate was carefully trained and kept as a sacred seer until she turned fifty since that’s over the age of any Pleiatic seer. Then, with no real world experience or livelihood and with no chance to have children and an unlikely chance to marry, they were basically thrown out into the world to sink or swim.  All of this is because the last two Pleiatic Prophesies had a Chopra seer and that earned the family a thousand years of wealth and fame in the sorcerer’s world.

Knowing all this Priya tried to keep her powers a secret as long as she could.  When her abilities were revealed her family tried to treat her like a priceless porcelain doll, a role that carried no freedom.  She refused, ran away, and hid, using an assumed name and quietly training to be a doctor.  When she reached her goal she revealed herself to the Indian Seers and went back to her family on the condition that she still be allowed to work part time as a doctor.  They were furious with her, but it became obvious that she was a true seer and so when the International Seers United started searching they naturally went to the Chopras first and found Priya, who agreed only if the wealth went to charities and universities instead of her family.

One word to describe her: Determined.

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