#30 – Theodore Roosevelt – Red Mage

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Full disclosure time! Teddy here was actually the spark that started this whole concept, and he’s switched back and forth between a number of classes during this month. At first, I thought his wide-ranging and adventurous personality would make him an excellent Ranger; then, after seeing his gleeful attitude towards war, I almost gave him the Berserker class; ultimately, what dissuaded me from either of these classes was the fact that Teddy wasn’t *just* a war president, or *just* an adventurer, he also had a voracious intellect and an interest in doing what was right for the people around him. Theodore was such a wide-ranging personality that, for a while, I considered abandoning him just because I couldn’t think of any one class that could possibly fit him.

That’s when I remembered the Red Mage. The ultimate jack of all trades, the Red Mage can use physical attacks, offensive magic, defensive magic, and even healing, all at once. The Red Mage will never be as powerful as any class that specializes in just one of these things, but it doesn’t often need to; just being able to do them all at once can be a massive asset. And in the end, that flexibility is what made Teddy such a great president; the ability to do what the situation required.

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