#30 White Meca Soldier(Leader of the Meca Soldiers)

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This is it. My final entry in the challenge. Yes, I spelled the word Soldier wrong, my bad. I created this character as part of a book I’ve been pulling things in my brain for years called Super Action Team Mecaforce, my love letter to the Tokusatsu(Japanese for Special Effects) /Super Sentai(Japanese meaning “Task Force”) genre.

White Meca Soldier is the team leader of The Meca Soldiers, a team of heroes whose abilities come from the powers of the animals they possess.  He possesses the power of the Lion, and is an natural born leader. His real identity is Jordan Davis, a college student that convinced the other member in the team to join him. He’s the voice of reason, a good friend, and able to do what it takes.

Height:6’0 Weight:221 lbs. Age:21


His abilities come from the essence of the lion itself. Some hand to hand combat skills, some martial arts training.


Confident, willing to settle things before it gets somewhere dangerous, the voice of reason, never backed down from a challenge.

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