#24 Stevie Cooper

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This is Stevie Cooper, best friend to Lewis and the conscience that Lewis never listens to. Stevie is everything that Lewis isn’t. He’s cool. He’s popular in school. He’s athletic and quite the ladies man. So by all accounts, he shouldn’t be friends with Lewis at all. He should be the kid that makes fun of Lewis and gives him wedgies. If you ask Stevie, he also has no idea why he’s best friends with Lewis other than the fact that they grew up together and he kind of feels responsible for him. He always has Lewis’ back. Whenever Lewis comes up with another “brilliant” idea for his latest invention, Stevie is often the voice of reason that Lewis never listens to. And when the invention blows up in their faces (most often literally), Stevie never says I told you so but judging by that face he’s making (look above) you can tell he’s thinking it. 🙂




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