#1 Giancarlo

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The smudged image is a little embarrassing (read: really embarrassing), but lucky me, today I got to find out just how bad my scanner really is. In addition, when I finished inking him, I thought, well, this is turning out well, and it’s the first day, so why not color him with soft pencils and charcoal?  Well, considering the condition of my scanner, I suppose this is why not. 🙂

In any case, I really like this one. I’d always had my sort of idea of a magnificent bastard was, and so I thought this would be a chance to bring it to fruition. (What I’m trying to do for the challenge is push myself to draw different types of characters instead of drawing teenagers all of the time. Not to say I won’t indulge in a few of those…) Giancarlo is one of those men- a filthy intellectual, a handsome lech. You could just as easily see him with a book or a stripper in his lap. That lurker that always seems to be there, smoking a cigarette and smirking at you in his business casual. Gian probably has always been there, as he’s hundreds of years old. He loves young adult vampire fiction, not for it’s content but because it somehow makes women think he won’t try to eat them when the night is over.

I’m getting a proper scanner this weekend, so hopefully the quality of the images will get much, much better.

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