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| November 1, 2010 | 7 Comments

RED is the world’s greatest detective, and the only human capable of walking shoulder to shoulder as equals among the Gods, extraterrestrials, and androids that make up The Alliance, the world’s first and foremost super team.   Her civilian identity is one Alessandra Revere, daughter to a district attorney father and brain surgeon mother, one of the elite power couples on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  That is, until they were murdered in their home while 7-year-old Alessandra hid under her bed.

Alessandra solved her first case at the age of nine, single handedly bringing to justice her parent’s killers, triggermen for an international organized crime cartel, when the cops and the Feds looked the other way.  By 13, she brought down the entire cartel, gaining her the attention of The Alliance, and joining them as their youngest member.

Possessing a brilliant analytical mind and natural athletic prowess, Red has mastered a number of martial arts, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Judo.  She also has advanced weapons training.

After the death of her ward Mae Thomas (also her sidekick, Crimson Kid) she renounced her civilian alter-ego entirely.  Alessandra Revere is no more…there is only Red.

RED is the character at the center of a graphic novel I’m itching to start working on.  High concept, it’s Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” meets The Justice League.  Essentially, it’s a superhero murder mystery, darker and more mature than some of the other stuff I’ve done.  I’ll be looking for artist to co-create this project sometime next year.

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Tyler James is a comics creator residing in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

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  1. LaPorte says:

    Love the design work on the costume, especially the symmetry between mask and belt buckle. Plenty of texture and accoutrements without being overdone.

  2. Love it. Reminiscent of Batwoman, but maybe that’s just the hair. I like where you plan on going with her.

  3. saulone says:

    I’m with Vito – has a Batwoman meets Huntress thing going on – in a good way. Love the strong reds. Has kind of an Alpha Flight – early Byrne look to her.

  4. Love this design and concept, has the whole “detective vibe” that I love about some of the batman work out there. I hope to see your vision come to life.

  5. Jande Rowe says:

    Wow, Tyler! She is gorgeous! I love the concept and the back story too. I sure hope you get it out there in the world, complete someday. (hopefully soon!) :`)

  6. Jules Rivera says:

    Looking for an artist for this project you say? Hmmm… (strokes chin)

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