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| November 3, 2010 | 3 Comments

I have a question to all you guys out there, or anyone who may know the answers.. how do you put an avatar onto your page?? i dont like the drab face.. thanks for the help.


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  1. Caine Dorr says:

    You have to go here:

    and then click on “profile”

  2. Caine Dorr says:

    Scratch That!

    I’m sorry, I gave you the wrong information. You have to log into:

    Then edit your profile there. Once done it will show up on every wordpress blog you participate in

  3. King AdBeck says:

    Or you can set up a globally-recognized gravatar (works on all sites with gravatar function enabled, which includes most wordpress sites) at I think the above wordpress link Caine provided will direct you there as well.

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