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| November 3, 2010 | 1 Comment

And in entertainment news, shock rocker Martin d’Etoile of goth metal outfit Mourningstar made it official today – he’s a member of the International Church of Satan!  Long rumored to be little more than a hate-spouting poseur with a penchant for pop demonology and barely legal groupies, d’Etoile took a step toward credibility with this bold pronouncement!  Riding a crest of critically and commercially successful musical endeavors, he outlined plans to put his celebrity weight behind the Satanic Church ’s recruitment campaigns and humanistic philanthropy.  And he’s apparently walking the walk!

We caught up with the controversial frontman after the impromptu street concert that followed his press conference, where he temporarily joined his bandmates in their media code of silence as they personally passed out food, clothes and, yes, even CASH to attendees, all of whom also walked away with armloads of Church literature!  D’Etoile offered only this as he passed the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi en route to the idling seat of his Bugatti:  “I make dreams come true! And nightmares for the rest of you!”  Is he finally making good on his claims of being an agent of the Antichrist?  Or is this just another publicity stunt designed to break more sales records?  Find out next week in our face-to-face interview with Martin d’Etoile, brought to you by the U.S. Army – BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!

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    Nice! What will tomorrow hold?……..

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