Chad Welch Day 3 & 4: A.D.A.M. and Eve

| November 4, 2010 | 11 Comments

A.D.A.M. and Eve

I decided that since today’s “character” is technically a duo, I decided to do them together in one piece of art. This is another set of characters from the same world as my previous entries, The Shepherd and Lunatic. 🙂

Eve Stockholm is the daughter of one of the world’s greatest scientists, Rudolph Stockholm. When Eve was very young, her brother Adam was drafted into Count Braeden Graves’ army, and fought valiantly in the devastating war, paying the ultimate price. Upon seeing the broken lifeless body of his only son, Dr. Stockholm slowly drove himself insane over the years trying to find a way to bring his son back to life. Unfortunately, Dr. Stockholm’s broken heart gave way before he could realize his desire to see his son again.

However, his young daughter Eve, just as brilliant as her father, finally created a body that could host her brother’s central nervous system and a few other select essential biological organs; and with it, they relentlessly make the life of Count Braeden Graves politically miserable for starting his petty war and costing their fractured family so much.

I really played around with tone and light on this one. Tried a different technique this time around…I kinda layed down some large, broad, airbrush like strokes over the canvas, then began to erase the tone to bring out the different planes, details and textures. I thought it turned out well. I’ll play around with that technique some more in depth later. 🙂

Also! I’d like ADAM to stand for something. I’m open to some suggestions in the comments!

All that stuff up there copyright Chad Welch, blah blah blah, etc. 😉 Enjoy!

Category: Drama, Fantasy, Scifi, Steampunk

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My name is Chad Welch, and I like to draw stuff! Monkeys are really cool. Sweeato is my favorite word; it means something that is sweet, but also neato. Sweeato.

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    Great design, Chad. Anteriorly Deceased Automated Mecha?

  2. Very cool!!!!! Love the shading

  3. Wow, love it! I’d totally buy a book with these characters in it (hint, hint)!

    • Chad Welch says:

      Thanks, Matthew! I’d love to do some stuff with these characters…kind of using the challenge to flex some world building as well, to create characters that could easily co-exist somewhere. So, you might get your wish there. 😉

  4. Gary Lister says:

    Awesome, Chad! I love how with all of A.D.A.M.’s advanced design & tech, he still has one of those crappy RC wire antennae on his head.:) Love his stance — he looks heavy. Great job!

    • Chad Welch says:

      Heheh, yeah…been playing with silhouette a lot lately, and I just couldn’t resist throwing a crappy, bent up RC Car-styled antennae from my childhood in there.

  5. Eric White says:

    Chad, That is hard core bad-assery. Great design. Fun idea (what kid wouldn’t want to have a giant remote controlled brother). Love it.

    A+ to you sir!!

  6. Chad Welch says:

    Thanks everyone for the great feedback!

  7. Violet says:

    Very nice backstory to go along with your amazing designs! Dr. Stockholm reminds me a little bit about one of my own characters. I’d love to learn more about everyone. Kudos to you 🙂

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