#5 Sin’Dana

| November 6, 2010 | 6 Comments

The second of the three Demiurges called the First Sisters, Sin’Dana is a more aloof entity that dwells in the Cold, the first Vale beyond sleep. There, her sorcerous battles with doubts and fears can ease troubled minds in the living, and project a confidence into mortal dreamers- she represents descision, law, and a path in an otherwise vast and forbidding world.

Category: Fantasy

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Hello, everyone. My name is Gregory Gibbons, and I've been drawing for a long, long time. Check out my website to see some of my gallery stuff, and my little flash games, too.

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  1. saulone says:

    Stunning stuff Gregory! The little touches are brilliant – steam/breath, the shines on her breasts, the way she’s erased towards the bottom fading into the background. Stellar!

  2. Gensanova says:

    Once again, fantastic! I’ve always been jealous of your composition.

    • Gregory says:

      We should make out.

      Or, we should talk over some character ideas for future posts…

      To those who might not know, Matthew and I are both DMs in our D@D circle.

  3. Kerry Harris says:

    Silly girl. Those arm muff thingies aren’t going to keep you very warm! 😉

    Nice job. Interesting story + shiny boobs = success!

  4. atombat says:

    Really like the look in her eyes, that makes it work for me.

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