#5 The Guillotine Armor

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During the Cold War, the U.S. government wanted to create a weapon that can be used by a single soldier behind enemy lines.  This would limit endangering numerous soldiers in the battle field and reduce the need for air and ground support.  The thought process at that time, was to give a single soldier enough weapons and firepower to hunt and kill the enemies’ leaders and hope that would end the confrontation.   What they came up with was called The Guillotine Project.

After many failed attempts to perfect the weapon, the U.S. government enlisted the help of  Algernon Corporation.  The result was a mechanical armored suit that can be piloted be a single person.  The Guillotine Armor went through several modifications and several pilots.  The Armor was equipped with all of the latest technology and weapons but was never able reach it’s full potential because the pilots were unable to control the armor effectively.  Many of the pilots have developed disorders as a result of operating the Armor.

The Guillotine Armor required too much energy, a capable pilot, and the resources of over 20 people in a control center to be able to be fully functional.  Deemed combat ineffective,  The Guillotine Project was shut down and the armor was stored a military base until a better solution  for the project can found in the future.

Recently, the Guillotine Armor was stolen by Aaron Tate.

Aaron Tate was a black ops soldier, who a few years ago went mad and starting killing men on his team.  He was a sergeant on Thomas Blake’s  team.  Though his body was never found, Tate was believed to have died in an explosion.

It is unknown how Aaron Tate is operating the Guillotine Armor but he is using it the destroy Algernon Corporation’s research facilities.  After a few failed attempt to retrieve the Guillotine Armor back, the U.S. government has asked for the help of Thomas Blake, hoping that this past friendship with Aaron Tate would help lead them back the Armor.

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    Techno-awesome! I like the style and the colours. Nice touch with the ‘fog of war’ in the background.

  2. Michael Olton says:

    I like your character design, it’s like a robot with a vest on..but it really works, and the color gives it that pop that it needs. Seems like you put a lot of time and energy into this character design.. the story reminds me of guyver a little bit, but I was still eager to hear more, are you doing a web comic or anything?

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