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| November 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

Lady Lightning - 01Lady Lightning is for a story concept I keep rolling around entitled “Bound”. The reason for this name is because it takes place in a world where Superheroes are not common, but are known about by the general public. It is also fairly common knowledge that though not all normal people have a soul that theirs is linked to, a superhero always has a “soulmate” of sorts that their life is intertwined with. Their “Bond” isn’t nescessarily their romantic interest, nor is it always a particular gender combination. Most never even find who their bond is specifically, which is probably for the best, because if one dies, so does the other. Many villians would use this against heroes, and many ordinary people would fear for their lives constantly if they knew who was on the other end of their life string.

Lady Lightning is a very powerful hero, but she wasn’t always that way. Her sudden increase in power is something she has always wondered about, but tried to push to the back of her mind so she can do her job.

Notes on the design: I was trying to show some kind of a glow to her outfit, like it’s being infused with her energy powers. Like fiber-optic in the mesh or something. I also wanted the outer coat to appear a bit shimmer-metallic, but I didn’t spend too long on this. I know most super-hero stuff leans towards uber-buff people, and excessively busty girls, and as one of the most “powerful” people in the story, I thought of doing this for her, but I came down to a more lithe athletic sort of design for her instead.

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  1. Jules Rivera says:

    I really, really dig this design. I especially like the look of that coat. It’s nice to see a female superhero every so often who doesn’t have the body of a porn star. In fact, an athletic body would make more sense on a superheroine. Good job on this. Is there any place where there’s going ot be more art of this character?

    • PlotholeTsi says:

      This is the VERY first time I’ve ever drawn her. I’m still uncertain if it’ll be a text short story or an illustrated one. I have another design to put up shortly of another character, but nothing more for this one for now.

  2. I totally agreed with Jules. Have freedom feels in the drawing, I really dig it and looking forward to see Bound when gets published.

  3. Jay says:

    Love the idea of the ‘bond’ between people, and the fact that they may never know who the other is. Brave/excellent choice to go for a regular look for the character as it honestly makes her all the more striking/appealing NOT to have ‘Power Girl’ style breasts 🙂

    The glow from teh top left image, from the character’s hands/goggles, is wonderful.

    If/when ‘Bound’ comes out I would DEFINITELY be interested in reading it!

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