Chad Welch, Day 7: Count Braeden Graves

| November 8, 2010 | 2 Comments

Count Braeden Graves, Day 7

Today, we return to the land of Nokimia, and to they first real villain of the world, Count Braeden Graves, responsible for the deaths of so many in his strives for sovereign rule over Nokimia. A gruesome demon hides behind Braeden Graves’s mask of diplomacy and charm; he feeds on the life blood of the people of Nokimia, and sleeps the day away.

Truly a vampire that is centuries old, Braeden Graves’s true condition is not known by many. Those that do happen to find that out either end up missing or begin stalking the night as the next bloodsucker in his unholy lineage. His well placed resources and contacts keep him as a strong political player in the mortal realm, as well as the supernatural.

Category: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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My name is Chad Welch, and I like to draw stuff! Monkeys are really cool. Sweeato is my favorite word; it means something that is sweet, but also neato. Sweeato.

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    Love the evil congeniality of this one. And the claws. lol

    • Chad Welch says:

      Thanks! All in all, I like the silhouette of this one, but I think its pretty weak. This character will definitely get a makeover before I do anything with him. 🙂

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