#6 Jaidee “The Machine”

| November 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

A Muay Thai Prodigy, Jaidee was a star on the rise. Not only in the Martial Arts world, but nationally, as a pop icon even in her native Thailand as well. By the time she was ready to start high school, she was the star of three blockbuster films & preparing to release her debut album. That was until a plane crash during a press junket in Hong Kong. Jaidee survived, but just barely. Still her celebrity was mourned all the same, because as a result of her injuries, her left arm & both legs required amputation.

That was until a generous donation from the Korean firm Ohdaesu Motors. She was offered to be the first to try out their new line of highly functional, top of the line prosthetic limbs.

The “adaptation” stage was expected to be slow & arduous. Rejection was always a possibility. But muscle memory took over & upon her first test, Jaidee was able to complete three hours worth of Muay Thai routines with more accuracy & more grace than she was ever capable of before. In other words, she didn’t need to take to them. It was like she was upgraded.

Banned from competition for obvious reasons, she devoted herself to her films. Now she is the world’s first cyborg action star. This high profile distinction has even caught Hollywood’s attention.

The main idea in mind here was fighting game character rather than a comics character I guess. Not too in love with the get up I ended up giving her, but the clothes I had in mind would have covered up the cybernetic seams & then what would’ve been the point? On the war path to catching up! Imma do it, dammit!!

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  1. zsabreuser says:

    I’ve been secretly following your updates, mister Jared. haha
    That looks lovely. Cute and Robot? I’m in!

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